Snow Wife (雪女房)

The story below is mostly from the radio show I listen to, but there are two other versions of it I found online which I incorporated a little: (variation in this one the couple has a child, although given the time frame, I'm not really sure how that's possible) (more traditional I think)… Continue reading Snow Wife (雪女房)


Yuki-onna Leading a Cow (べこを連れた雪女)

Just a weird story from Yamagata I found and thought I ought to share^^ Translated from: ------------------------- As told by Shitsue Saito Long ago their lived a little brat named Takichi that didn't listen to his elders. Compared to other children his age, he was bigger and stronger, but he was an arrogant brat.… Continue reading Yuki-onna Leading a Cow (べこを連れた雪女)