千疋狼— A Thousand Wolves

This story is also told all over Japan in various forms. In some cases, the wolf is replaced by she-demon (Niigata) or a shape-shifting cat. The wolf version below is largely translated from a collection of folklore entitled, 日本の民話(四国編)(Japanese Folklore - Shikoku) compiled by Marihiko Fujiwara (藤澤衞彦)  and can be purchased in Japanese from various… Continue reading 千疋狼— A Thousand Wolves


狼の眉毛 — The Wolf’s Eyebrow

It was harder than I thought it would be to find an unaltered version of this tale online. Most people seem to feel the main character needs a happier ending. I translated the version below from this site, where the author clearly points out what parts they have altered to make a happier story. I… Continue reading 狼の眉毛 — The Wolf’s Eyebrow