The Unbeloved — Hiruko and Awashima

Hiruko 蛭子 In the Kojiki, Hiruko is the first kami born to Izanami and Izanagi. The first character in her name means "leech" and most scholars speculate that she was not fully formed. In the Nihon Shoki, Hiruko is born second and the passage reads, "First was Awaji Island, next Hiruko was born. But Hiruko… Continue reading The Unbeloved — Hiruko and Awashima

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The Seven Generations of the Age of the Kami (神世七代)

The 12 kami that appear in the Kojiki after the Celestial Kami are called the seven generations of the age of the kami (kami no yo nana yo). One thing to keep in mind while reading the appearance of the kami in the Kojiki is that they mostly represent abstract ideas in the creation story… Continue reading The Seven Generations of the Age of the Kami (神世七代)


The Creator Kami and the Celestial Kami

----------------- Text translated from 古事記 現代語訳 武田祐吉 Kojiki Modern Translation by Yukichi Takeda (circa 1940, public domain). In the Beginning Long ago, at the earliest beginning of the heavens and the earth, the first kami to appear in the heavens was named Amenominakanushi. The next kami was Takamimusubi, and the next was Kamimusubi. These three kami were… Continue reading The Creator Kami and the Celestial Kami


Intro to the Kojiki (古事記)

There are two main historical texts we can use to read about Shinto gods, the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki. Both were commissioned by Emperor Tenmu during his reign from 673 to 686 CE. They were also both compiled by O no Yasumaro. People with an interest in mythology tend to read them as a kind… Continue reading Intro to the Kojiki (古事記)