Kusuke the Kappa

Main Reference: Tama River Folktales by Sakuhira Ishii, Arimine Shoten Publishing, 1976 Alternate sources: There used to be many kappa around Izumi Tamagawa in Komae. But they were wiped out because humans caught them to use in exhibitions and sell at markets. However despite the kappa's extinction, the exhibitions did not end. People filled… Continue reading Kusuke the Kappa


Yuki-onna (lit. “snow woman”) 雪女

Here we have the season-appropriate Yuki-onna. Yuki-onna is unquestionably the most famous snow yokai in Japan. Like Yamanba, she can be benevolent, but is mostly malevolent. Stories about her are most numerous in the Tohoku region of Japan -- where the most snow falls. She also has a variety of names including Yukijoro (雪女郎 in… Continue reading Yuki-onna (lit. “snow woman”) 雪女


Yuki-onna’s Gratitude (雪女の恩返し)

Translated from Long ago there was a poor couple and a rich couple living in a village. One night, there was a snowstorm. A beautiful young woman in a white kimono knocked on the door of the rich couple's house. "I am a traveler caught in this terrible snowstorm. Would you allow me to… Continue reading Yuki-onna’s Gratitude (雪女の恩返し)


Snow Wife (雪女房)

The story below is mostly from the radio show I listen to, but there are two other versions of it I found online which I incorporated a little: (variation in this one the couple has a child, although given the time frame, I'm not really sure how that's possible) (more traditional I think)… Continue reading Snow Wife (雪女房)


Sogi’s Tales from Many Lands, Scroll 5 (宗祇諸国物語, 巻5)

Translated from I heard deep snow accumulates in Echigo every year and that new snow begins to fall even as the final remains of the previous year's snow are at last disappearing. The people of that country are used to it and do not find it to be a particular hardship, but I, Sogi,… Continue reading Sogi’s Tales from Many Lands, Scroll 5 (宗祇諸国物語, 巻5)


Snow Daughter (雪娘)

Aired Feb. 17, 2012 From Miyagi As told by Mizuko Katoh, retold by Toshio Ozawa Long ago, an elderly couple lived alone. They had no children, but wanted a child. One winter, during a snowstorm, they heard a baby's crying voice. They wondered what a baby could be doing in a snowstorm and opened the… Continue reading Snow Daughter (雪娘)


Yuki-onna Gets Defeated (退治された雪女)

Also available in various texts online (although slightly different): Aired Feb. 24, 2012 Samurai were keeping watch on the outskirts of a town and camping out in the woods by the fire on a winter night. One of the samurai asked if the other had heard Yuki-onna was coming out and about recently. The… Continue reading Yuki-onna Gets Defeated (退治された雪女)


Yuki-onna (from Hokkaido)

Translated from: The site says the story is taken from Tales of Mystery from Hokkaido「北海道ふしぎふしぎ物語」by Ichido Goda (合田一道) and is titled, "Yuki-onna." The story takes place when Japan was trying to convince people to settle in Hokkaido so they could stake a stronger claim to the island than the Russians (circa 1869 to 1882);… Continue reading Yuki-onna (from Hokkaido)


Yuki-onna Leading a Cow (べこを連れた雪女)

Just a weird story from Yamagata I found and thought I ought to share^^ Translated from: ------------------------- As told by Shitsue Saito Long ago their lived a little brat named Takichi that didn't listen to his elders. Compared to other children his age, he was bigger and stronger, but he was an arrogant brat.… Continue reading Yuki-onna Leading a Cow (べこを連れた雪女)