Benevolent, Malevolent

Yamanba (山姥)

The lovely lounger depicted to the left is Yamanba (also called  Onibaba, Kijo, Yama-onna, or Yama-hime). She is a yokai that lives deep in the mountains. She has a raging apetite and in most stories, eats everything the victim has before eating the victim him/herself. She is also occasionally depicted as appearing as a helpful… Continue reading Yamanba (山姥)


The Three Talismans (三枚のお札)

There are a number of variations of this story. I've compiled one that I feel encompasses the main themes, but I've listed variations at the end. The source Japanese was mostly translated from 三枚のお札 and Japanese Wikipedia. *Note: The talismans in the story are pieces of paper with holy writing on them. ******** There once… Continue reading The Three Talismans (三枚のお札)


The Wife Who Doesn’t Eat (飯食わぬ女房)

Mostly translated from 飯食わぬ女房. Although, in some variations, Yamanba does not become a spider. ---------------- Long ago there lived a man named Kansuke. He was a miserly cooper and wouldn't even go drinking unless someone else paid. When people told him to get a wife, he would say, "I only want a wife who doesn't eat… Continue reading The Wife Who Doesn’t Eat (飯食わぬ女房)