Yuki-nodo (雪ノドウ)

A snow yokai from Gifu.

It can appear in daytime or nighttime. Although it is blind in its true form, it can appear as a woman or a snowball.

It visits mountain homes and asks for water. People should be wary of travelers asking for water, and should offer hot tea instead. If you give Yuki-nodo water, it will kill you. However, there is a counter-curse to say in this case as well:

先クロモジ(くすのき)に後ボーシ(けやき)、あめうじがわ(黄牛の皮)の八つ結ばえ、締めつけ履いたら、如何なるものも、敵うまい:足の先の方を楠で、 後ろ側を欅でつくって、牛の皮で八つに結んだこの和かんじきを、こうやってきつく締めつけて履いたら、何も恐いものはない、というような意味の呪文だと思 われる

Kind of seems up for grabs what that actually means, but the generally accepted meaning is “Stand with your feet facing the Camphor tree, and your back facing the Japanese elm, tie tightly the snowshoes made of cowhide and nothing bad can happen.”
(or more literally, “Camphor tree in front, Japanese elm behind, tie together eight Ume cow skins, tie them tightly to your feet, nothing will happen to you, no matter what”).

You don’t actually have to do the things the counter-curse says, just chanting it is evidently enough to dissuade Yuki-nodo.

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