Yuki-onna Gets Defeated (退治された雪女)

Also available in various texts online (although slightly different):

Aired Feb. 24, 2012
Samurai were keeping watch on the outskirts of a town and camping out in the woods by the fire on a winter night. One of the samurai asked if the other had heard Yuki-onna was coming out and about recently. The other scoffed and said no such thing exists.

They argued like this for some time. Finally another samurai said he was going to go relieve himself. As he walked into the wilderness, he saw the outline of a woman holding a baby. Who could that be in the darkness he thought?
The woman came over to him and said she had lost something precious in the darkness. She asked if he would hold her baby while she looked for it. The samurai felt sorry for the woman and offered to hold her baby.

The child was as cold as ice. The woman disappeared into the darkness. The baby became suddenly heavy, heavier and heavier. He tried to put the child down, but it was stuck fast to him. He tried to call out for help, but he couldn’t make a sound. He lost consciousness and fell down. The other samurai were worried about their comrade who had not yet returned and went out to look for him. They found the man collapsed in the snow holding tightly to a large icicle.

Some days after that, on a snowy evening, an old man on night watch was tapping sticks together saying, “Be careful with fire!”
Under a pine tree, he saw a woman combing out her long hair.
He asked her, “What are you doing out here?”
She said softly, “Me?” and she turned to face him.
Her face was extremely long without eyes or a nose or a mouth. After that there was a big fuss in the village that Yuki-onna was actually real.

A retainer at the castle set out determined to get rid of her.
He was walking along on a night with a bright moon, thinking Yuki-onna would not appear on such a bright night. Soon, before his eyes, he saw a small boy who did not even come to his knees running towards him. How strange, he thought. The boy ran some way ahead of him and then turned and looked as if to say, “Come on, chase me!”  Thinking the boy was making a mockery of him, the retainer ran to catch him. He pretended to have stopped, but then suddenly placed his hands firmly on the boy’s shoulders. But as though his energy to hold him went into the boy,  the boy began to grow rapidly until he was the same size as the retainer. The retainer let go and the boy continued to grow to the size of a house. The retainer pulled out his katana and slashed at the boy. The boy screamed. and shattered as though made of ice. Surely that cannot have been related to Yuki-onna, thought the retainer. But after that, Yuki-onna never appeared again.

The end.

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